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Icon Garden Podcast Episode 32: CES and HomeKit Roundtable with special guests Zac Hall, Adam Justice and Richard Gunther

This week we are very pleased to host a post-CES HomeKit roundtable with some amazing people. We really hope you like it. Please know what you all think about this !!

### Episode 32: CES and HomeKit Roundtable with Special Guests Zac Hall, Adam Justice and Richard Gunther

### CES has come and gone, with the new HomeKit, Smart Home and connected goodies.

For our usual thirty-second show, we host a very special roundtable that focuses on HomeKit status in a post-CES world. We are joined by very special guests Zac Hall of 9to5mac, Adam Justice, CEO of Connectsense and co-host of Smart Home Show and Richard Gunther, the other host of Smart Home Show! This group of amazing people share their thoughts on the state of the union and the HomeKit ecosystem as we move toward 2020. What do we like? Where is room for improvement? Is Apple committed to growing HomeKit as a platform? Is the newly interconnected internal automation standard a game changer or just another "standard?" We had a blast with that and hope you like it as much as we do!

_ Initially registered on February 8, 2020_

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