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IKEA’s smart blinds are finally here. But not at all stores

IKEA’s smart blinds are finally here. But not at all stores

HomeKit on iPhone

IKEA made a joke by releasing its smart blinds in the United States. There were delays and the initial support of HomeKit was retained until a later date. But now you can at least raise the blinds themselves if you live near the right shop.

A number of smart home fans have turned to Reddit (via HomeKit Hero) to point out that their local stores have smart stores in stock. Although they are not numerous and they are not numerous, they are not all the size available.

At present, it seems to us that the following combination of stores and models is:

  • Burbank, CA – Sizes 30 "and 32"
  • Covina, CA – Sizes 30 "and 32"
  • Fishers, Indiana – Sizes 30 "and 32"
  • Twin Cities, Minnesota – 30 "only
  • Draper, Utah – sizes 30 "and 32"

You can not buy them online yet and we suggest you check local stocks before going to an IKEA store.

Given the time it took to put the blinds in the nature, we are not sure of our confidence in IKEA's claims that the old HomeKit support would come to fruition. But if that happens, these blinds could be a great way to extend the configuration of your HomeKit, especially if you are already looking for new blinds.