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I’m unreasonably happy with Aqara Cubes and it works great

I’m unreasonably happy with Aqara Cubes and it works great

I just wanted to say that I am unreasonably happy with my Aqara cubes. I have them in a few rooms, and my gestures to control them so far are correct

Shake to wake up – turn everything on at full brightness as in the middle of the day

Rotate 180 to turn everything off in the room for the night

Rotate 90 to switch to night mode with lower brightness and warmer color temperature.

I’ll see if I can do something that will allow me to reduce the brightness of a light to a rather fine gradation, maybe 10% or 15% at a time.

Also, the Aquara Nightlight hub is total garbage, but you need one to get these automations in the homekit. And by “total garbage,” I mean that the PWM on the LED lights is so dim that when set to white, I can literally see red, blue, and green whenever my eye looks at me. I look at him. It’s not bad if you set either R, B or G, but I think it’s hilarious that they fell so badly on the light itself that it’s inappropriate to be seen by human eyes in most circumstances.

edit to add: not officially accepted. You need to turn on the night light of the doohickey button at a certain brightness of the light, then use the Eve application for that brightness to produce a homekit scene.

Also, so I have unnecessary steps in the tutorials. In the Aqara app, just do a bunch of 3-step automation: light on, 1 sec pause, light off. Do not make an aqara scene, then ask the cube to trigger an automation to invoke that scene. It’s just stupid.