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Insignia HomeKit garage door opener

Hello everyone. I recently chose one of these and I'm … well. It was not completely reliable, but it is currently attributing it to the network situation.

That being said, I have a few questions for anyone who owns one of these.

1] How do you update it? I had the impression that it is updated through the Home app, but in order to do this, you must first call Best Buy / Insignia and "set it".

2] If you have successfully updated it, which is the most current firmware? I am on 2.63.51 according to the Home application.

3] Sometimes, when I open / close the unit, it is blocked by saying "open / close" a period. Perform the action, but it will take a few minutes to complete the "completion" in the Home application. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens more often than I would like.

Thank you for your time and help everyone.