Install Logitech Circle View Doorbell UK

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

I recently ordered the Logitech Circle View ringtone from Apple and shipped it to the UK via Stackry. After a bit of waiting, the bell arrived last week and I managed to install it over the weekend. This short guide is intended for users in the UK who intend to follow the same path. & # x200B;

[The doorbell arrives!]( Starting points: * We didn't have any mechanical or digital doorbell when we rang a doorbell. was blocked on account of previous owners. Perfect opportunity to start again. * We have several HomePod and HomePod minis throughout the house and we knew from experience with Ring + Homebrigde at our old house that the HomePod Chime / Apple TV pop-up was what we wanted. I also wanted facial recognition and HKSV and native HomeKit support, so this was the only viable option (I really didn't want to lose £ 500 on a Robin system!) & # X200B;

[The finished result]( The installation guide on the Logitech website is a good idea if you are not thinking about it. use. Even then, the voltage and amperage requirements vary between systems, so a new system may be needed anyway. After a few digs, it seems that the Logitech bell wants 24VAC and at least 10VA from the power supply. [I ordered this transformer from Amazon](, 24V 0.5A (multiply 24 volts by 0.5 amps to get 12 Volts-Amps ), so he was pretty confident it would work. After the initial USB setup, I tested the transformer and they all worked great. To achieve the “clean” installation I wanted, I took the transformer out of the case and connected it to a molten spur in the garage (also where all the garage door openers (Meross) live. The transformer lives in a oversized size). junction box with glands removed from the bottom of the box for better ventilation / cooling. Definitely more than when he lived inside a socket. & # x200B;

[The garage install is tidy.]( I bought some [two core cable from Screwfix]( and ran this in a sewer, inside the entrance garage, above the veranda and in the living room, in a duct and out through the wall to the back of the bell position.

[The lounge, not so much. But needs decorating anyway!]( Voila! It works like a charm. The router only lives on the other side of the window, so it was fine. It faces south, but does not receive direct sunlight under the porch. Each ringing press is reported / sounds / appears on the ATV. So far, everything is working exactly as we hoped. It just works, as someone once said. & # x200B; If you are interested in using Stackry to order this or anything else from the states, [here's a referral link](, which will bring you $ 10 off the first order delivery cost.

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