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Installed Kohler Tap / Faucet.

Installed Kohler Tap / Faucet.

I installed the Kohler faucet / faucet yesterday. (I am currently making a 20% discount)

Great piece of kit.

I like the design.

Installation was not that difficult until I had to go get something from the hardware / DIY store to convert from the old cut under the sink to a smaller diameter. This was a nightmare in itself, mainly due to the poor layout of the store!

A little disappointed with Homekit integration, because all you can do is turn it on and off, not some of the really cool things you can do, it seems, with Al * xa and G * * gle, such as “pour me a cup of water.”

I also wanted to set up automation to turn on the tape when the incinerator is on. I certainly can’t do it in the Apple Home app. Looks like I can do it in Eve, but so far I haven’t had it work 🙁