Intermittent room failures in another location

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

I have rooms installed in my mother's house, so I can see if she's having trouble moving. He asked me to install them. I use night cameras with a Linksys Tri-band AC3000 / MR9000 mesh + Velop Tri-Band AC2200. My hub is a 4k ATV (new model) that is connected to the main router via an ethernet cable. The system worked well from June this year until last week. This week, the cameras started to fail, and the ATV is reported in the Home app (on my Mac and iPhone) as offline. When I go to her house to shoot problems, the cameras appear in the same home app on my iPhone as if they were working with the ATV. When I look at the TV where the ATV is installed, everything seems to work on the ATV (which it never uses). The cameras also reappear after a remote reset of the main router that connects to the cable modem. Its internet is asynchronous 100 Mb down / 10 MB up; the router constantly reports 91-93Mbs D / 10.8Mbs U. Also, using Linksys remote access to its home router, the "ping" troubleshooting program shows a solid connection from the router to both the ATV and the two rooms. I set the ATV to never sleep, because when the problem first appeared, it seemed to me to start after a few hours of good work. I wonder if the others who have separate houses running HomeKit devices and where there are no iPads or iPhones present all the time have seen similar problems. I checked all the triggers that seem to be connected to someone in the house with an iPhone. For example, triggering the recording with the slightest movement of any kind and disabling the option to turn off the cameras and media when the last person leaves. But the fact that just entering the room where the ATV is or where a camera is (while I'm carrying my iPhone) seems to get things up and running again makes me wonder if HomeKit is designed for holiday homes and more. In the end, I tried a HomePod mini, but it will only work for a day or so and then it won't respond. Then I could go home and unplug it from one of the cameras to pick it all up again. Another sect: I have the Siri shutter off. The Apple device in her house is on my Apple ID and account, but it's part of the Apple Family plan for iCloud, ATV +, etc. We have a 2 TB iCloud plan, so it won't be a storage issue for records. Any suggestions (even for other rooms that do not require a hub) would be greatly appreciated.

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