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iOS 15 Homekit Wish List.

iOS 15 Homekit Wish List.

iOS 14 brought some new and beautiful features on HomeKit.

But there is still a long way to go …

And by that I don’t mean a set of hardcore features that only a nerd would like. Something like HomeAssistant is too complex for the average Joe.

Most of the functions proposed below could be implemented with a simple, clean user interface that most users would understand.

1. ** Timers **! Any “On” function for a switch or scene should have the ability to have an automatic stop timer. For example, you should be able to HOLD on a light switch or power plug and select On for 5, 15, 30, 60 minutes or turn off X, Y, Z.
2. ** Alert **! I want both push notifications and HomePod audio announcements for a defined event. For example, if the garage door has been left open for more than 10 minutes, I want to be warned. Or if I left the heater on for 2 hours, etc.
3. ** The presence of people **! It would be nice if it showed a thumbnail of each family member who is at home and a log of when they left / arrived.
4. ** Sensor logs **! Sensors such as temperature must be automatically recorded in iCloud storage. Using something like the Eve app is rubbish, because it only downloads information when you open the app and open the chart for the device. Logs should be included in the HomeKit and record data in real time.
5. Apple ** Automate TV **. I want to be able to turn on / off the TV when I get home.
6. ** Several product categories **, such as robot vacations, white goods, etc.
7. Home ** Guest access permissions **! Automatically expires access for a friend to unlock the front door or control lights, etc.
8. ** Restrict access to family members **! Assign what your children can control. E.g. they can control their bedroom lights, fans. But they can’t open the garage door, nor can they control their brothers’ bedrooms.
9. ** Pet detection ** for IP cameras!
10. Increased limit of ** HSV rooms ** from 5 ** to 20 **!
11. iCloud room ** wallpaper sync **!
12. Apples ** The home application ** must support all the functions supported by the HomeKit specimen **. Mainly around automation. Sensor-based triggers are sorely lacking. For example, temperature-based triggers.
13. ** MacOS ** as HomeKit ** Hub ** (Should be disabled by default) There are a lot of people running Mac Minis as downloads and media boxes that are 24/7. a HomeKit hub role would be ideal.
14. ** Intercom ** – The HomePod to HomePod interface, such as the smart implementation of Google and Amazon speakers.
15. ** Camera Presence ** – Using Apple U1 chips in iPhone and future Apple Watch models. They could use new HomePods with UWB and third-party sensors to detect presence in the room.

What are your favorite features?