iOS15 has been the straw that broke the camel‘s back.

Cupertino, October 4, 2021

It‘s over, well, at least with automations.
I started with Homekit the first day it was released with some Hue lights, and it kept growing and growing. HomeKit was never perfect, but I really liked it.
It was easy to configure, easy to pair and was just working.
Today most of that isn‘t true for me anymore. Every smarthome system grew but HomeKit feels like stagnant. Automations can still do the same than 2 years ago, so much stuff missing. No Logging, no variables etc. Also the reliability isn‘t there anymore, especially since iOS15.
Automations didn‘t work anymore, could not even edit them, light switches didn‘t work sometimes, which is super bad at night and devices did weird stuff, like my tv turning itself on and off randomly. Also some conditions just got removed randomly, like not turning my air purifier on at night. Was fun waking up at 3am to the sound of that thing.

So this weekend I moved my smarthome to HomeAssistant and for the first time since last year, everything is working exactly how I set it up - every time.
I‘m propagating every device I need to HomeKit and can still use Siri to control everything. But I‘m done with HomeKit automations and dependency. I‘m done with trying to find out why something isn‘t working. Done with getting errors that a device is not responding. And done with creating dummy switches for every single automation I try to do.
Even HomeKit works better now with HomeAssistant, as all devices are connected to HA and HA to HomeKit seems to be very stable. Took me about 12 work hours to move the important parts and set everything up.

I now need to replace my HomeKit-only devices for something Zigbee …. But that‘s fine. I‘ll keep my HomeKit camera, as I don‘t need a camera in HA and love the cam itself. Everything else will be sold. If someones in Germany and needs Eve products (Thermo, Window, Water leak), pm me 🙂

I hope this is not against the rules (I checked and figured it isn‘t). I still love the HomeKit integration with HomePods, Siri etc. and I would not want to give that up, but now I got the best of both worlds: working automations and Siri!

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