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iPad Pro ‘A14X,’ Apple ‘Home Hub’ and the continued disagreement of Intel ads on the AppleInsider podcast

iPad Pro ‘A14X,’ Apple ‘Home Hub’ and the continued disagreement of Intel ads on the AppleInsider podcast

On this week’s AppleInsider Podcast, leaks about an “A14X” chip coming to new iPad Pro models, rumors about HomePods with screens, and Intel’s advertising campaign are failing.

The latest version of iOS 14.5 beta refers to a unique “A14X” chip that is expected to power the new iPad Pro models. Recent rumors include a 12.9-inch mini-LED display, better I / O connectivity and a possible launch at an Apple event in April.

In the latest MacOS Big Sur beta versions are new hardware identifiers for “iMac21.1” and “iMac21.2”, which seem to be the new iMac models powered by Apple Silicon and which are rumored to have an update to the physical design .

Discovered in HomePod mini is a temperature and humidity sensor that could be activated in a software update. If enabled, these sensors can be used in the HomeKit to display the room temperature in the application or to trigger home automation.

In a recent Bloomberg report, Mark Gurman noted that Apple “has developed new speakers with screens and cameras.” Amazon and Google already make similar devices, such as Echo Show and Nest Home, but such a device could include features like HomeKit, Siri and even FaceTime.

Since the latest Apple TV model needs a refresh, we’re talking about a possible combination of devices that Apple could launch, such as a soundbar with a built-in Apple TV, a return to the Wi-Fi router business, or simplifying a stick. cheap streaming.

Following the failure of Intel’s advertising campaign, their CEO announced plans to build chip manufacturing facilities in Ocotillo, Arizona. After describing the ads attacking Apple as “competitive fun”, Intel hopes to one day manufacture Apple chips, such as the M1, and compete with TSMC here in the US.

Neil Hughes returns to the podcast and completes this episode by reviewing his experience about Apple Fitness + and the difference it made during quarantine.

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