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Is it still worth buying an original Apple HomePod?

Is it still worth buying an original Apple HomePod?

Even if Apple has officially discontinued its larger speaker, powered by Siri, we will examine whether it is worth buying.


Apple gives up the original HomePod to focus on the HomePod mini.

You can still receive software updates, services and support for your HomePod. But Apple will not produce any updated models.

Even with the news, the HomePod is still available for purchase through many outlets. And you may be wondering if it’s still a worthwhile purchase.

Let’s take another look at the original HomePod to find out.

HomePod Benefits

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There are a number of advantages of the HomePod when compared to the smaller HomePod mini.

Sound quality

The original HomePod offers excellent sound quality. A powerful subwoofer allows it to produce heavy bass and has seven speakers arranged in a ring. They deal with the higher grades. This setup allows the HomePod to transmit sound in any direction. The new HomePod minis simply do not have enough space for this type of sound quality.

HomePod can also detect when it is near a wall or other sound lock. In these cases, it adjusts the sound direction to compensate. This ensures a much better sound balance.

If superior sound quality is important to you, your HomePod may still be important to you.

Integrating Apple ecosystems

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Another great reason to buy a HomePod is how you can easily control smart home devices that only support your voice. While you can control HomeKit devices, such as lights, locks, and other sensors, with a Siri command on iPhone and iPad, it’s even easier when you have a HomePod. A HomePod can also act as a HomeKit hub, so you can control your devices when you’re away from home.

This is also something you can do with HomePod mini. However, only the original HomePod can connect to the Apple TV. This gives you a roomy, high-quality sound in a home theater system. HomePod mini cannot connect to Apple TV and cannot produce volume and quality at the theater level.

Apple TV compatibility with the HomePod mini could come in a future update. For third-party smart speakers, they are unlikely to work as well with Apple TV or other Apple products.

Disadvantages HomePod

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HomePod is not a perfect device. There are a number of disadvantages that could take you away from a purchase.

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Big price

HomePod failed to put much pressure. This was partly due to the fact that it was late for the smart speakers party, but also due to the high price. For the cost of a HomePod, you can purchase three mini HomePods.

At $ 299, the HomePod really feels like it should be much more than a smart speaker. Mini feels more reasonable, even considering the low sound quality. If you need a budget speaker, the price of HomePod may be too high for a discontinued product, even if you buy second-hand.

If you don’t care so much about incorporating the speaker into your Apple ecosystem, you might even consider getting an Amazon Echo or Google Nest.

Larger size

The HomePod size makes room for the woofer and multiple speakers, but it still makes the device bulky. It cannot be easily moved around your home and it can be difficult to find a perfect place to fit.

If you already have space where a smart speaker would work, this is not a problem. But if you want to move it or you don’t have space, it might be hard to fit.

Should You Still Buy a HomePod?

The excellent sound quality that integrates with your Apple products is the best reason to get an original HomePod. The smaller HomePod can never recreate that kind of stupid, roomy sound. Other smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio may compete more closely with the HomePod, but those models won’t interact as well with the Apple ecosystem.

If you’re primarily considering a HomePod for a Siri smart speaker and the ability to control smart devices at home with your voice, you should probably get a pair of HomePod minis instead.

They can be used as a stereo pair, and more features are likely to arrive in the future with software updates. The smaller speaker is also a much better value for the price. Another great advantage of the mini is the Thread support, which has the potential to make a smarter and better home.

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