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Is Logi Circle 2 a good option?

Is Logi Circle 2 a good option?

So I'm moving to my first house and I want to get a security room.

At first I thought I could only get a cheap one from Amazon, but after further research, I don't think any of the cheap ones do what I need, it's to send the video to a cloud service (any cloud service), because the camera will be in sight, anyone who comes into the house can take the room with them and therefore I will not be able to access the video.

Another thing I would really like is a kind of night vision.

After I realized that I would not find these things in a cheap room, I was left wondering if I should just go to the more expensive Circle 2.
Can anyone give me feedback on the reliability of the camera (from what I saw in this sub, it seems to have some issues)? Or maybe there is a cheaper alternative?

Big Apple fan here, btw. All my equipment and my girlfriend are Apple (Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch), so maybe this will help with your advice. Thank you in advance!