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Is there a switch that can control many lights?

Currently I have a switch in the living room that has 3 switches (buttons?) And controls 2 lights in the living room and 1 on the balcony (I would like to know why it is so …).

I only found switches that control all the lights at the same time (either all off or all on), but I would like to know if there is one with multiple switches / buttons.

I am able to use shades on the balcony, but not in the living room, because it does not have a "normal" installation of the bulbs, so using bulbs there is no option, so looking for a light switch seems easier to replace. the entire light installation

I realize that I am not the best at explaining my situation and maybe I have used some terms and words incorrectly, so I will be happy to elaborate if anyone needs a more accurate explanation 😅