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Is there any HomeKit smart lock via “Wi-Fi” ?

Is there any HomeKit smart lock via “Wi-Fi” ?

I’m looking for a smart lock that’s HomeKit compatible via Wi-Fi. Yes. via Wi-Fi, not bluetooth. Does anybody know if there’s even one that’t meet them?

There are many smart locks that’s compatible with HomeKit and can connect to Wi-Fi via bridges (OK, August does it without a bridge, great), but none of them can communicate with a “HomeKit Hub” via Wi-Fi. Even the newest August lock cannot communicate with the Hub via Wi-Fi even though it has Wi-Fi chip included. (The support told me in an email…what a shame…)

You can easily name HomeKit locks with Wi-Fi connectivity, however, none of them can use their Wi-Fi capability to communicate with a HomeKit hub, as far as I know. Locks with Wi-Fi capability can be controlled remotely only through their dedicated apps, not through the HomeKit system. To be controlled remotely through the HomeKit system all of the locks need to be connected to the HomeKit hub via bluetooth!

I’m planning to have my first HomeKit Hub so far away from my front door that bluetooth signal has no chance to reach it, but my Wi-Fi does reach the door and I’m trying to use that Wi-Fi for a lock to communicate with the HomeKit hub.

I really tried hard to look for the answer on the Internet and even emailed supports of some manufacturers, but I couldn’t find any…let me ask you all. Thank you in advance!