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iSmartGate Pro – Unanswered on HomeKit

iSmartGate Pro – Unanswered on HomeKit

Everything worked fine until one day, I couldn’t open my garage with Siri. After I discovered HomeKit, it labeled my garage doors as No Response.

I did my due diligence and researched the possible causes. First, I replaced the batteries in the sensor, but when it failed, I went with the reliable method to reset everything, including deleting the device from HomeKit and removing the iSmartGate application.

After going through the reset protocol twice, I still have the same problem. The iSmartGate application recognizes the device and even states that it is ready to use, but HomeKit continues to assemble its device as No Answer.

I emailed the iSmartGate support team, but received no response.

I hope we have help to solve this problem.