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It counts, shares control at home and more on the HomeKit Insider Podcast

It counts, shares control at home and more on the HomeKit Insider Podcast

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On this week’s HomeKit Insider podcast, your hosts and a guest from “The HomeKit Life” discuss a combined Siri Remote and AirTag hack, the rebranding of the CHIP to Matter project, and how to share Home control.

Special guest Josh from The HomeKit Life YouTube channel joins us on the show to discuss their setup and home experience. We discuss our favorite light switches, HomeKit fans, wireless networks and more.

Since the announcement of Apple’s redesigned Siri remote control, along with the new Apple TV 4K, users have complained about the lack of the U1 chip for Find My compatibility. A user took matters into their own hands to create a Siri remote control holder that includes an opening for AirTag.

The CHIP Smart Home Alliance, which includes Apple, Google, Amazon and Zigbee, has been renamed “Matter”. Philips Hue has announced that it will support the new standard and a previous announcement stated that we should see the devices accepted by Matter by the end of the year.

For those who want to give family and friends control over their smart home, users can invite those with an iCloud account to access all of their HomeKit devices. The disadvantage of sharing at home is the lack of granular controls depending on the room or scene. Users invited to a Home have access to all devices and scenes simultaneously.

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