It is ridiculous that automations are listed according to the number of hours in the day, not in chronological order

Cupertino, February 12, 2021

Home is such an important app for Apple's overall plans, but it continues to amaze me how bad UX is sometimes. Today I tried to edit the time of a daily automation and it reminded me of this. The machines are listed in numerical order, not chronologically. So an event that happens at 22:30 is listed before the event at 11:00 and then at 12:00 after that, and so on. It wouldn't matter if I used a 24-hour watch in the US, but it didn't. In what world of the user interface does it make sense to display a list of time-based events based on the clock version of first name literacy? I don't always remember the exact time I set up an automation (was it 8am or 8:30 am?) So I have to read the whole list of automations every time I look for one. It's bad enough that there is no filter (only display automations that include a temperature change on the thermostat, for example), but it's just nonsense.

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