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Kinda frustrated

Kinda frustrated

For the most part I love HomeKit and my setup. My biggest pet peeve is the hub situation. Apple needs to figure out a prioritization of hubs. I have a HomePod, 2 Apple 4K TVs, and one Apple TV 4th Gen. and somehow the oldest device the 4th Gen always takes over and the main hub when I restart my routers.

For instance, made a change to my router before I went to work which required a restart of both my router nodes. My HomePod was the acting main hub and everything was peachy. Router restarts and my 4th Gen which is going through a switch beats out both my 4K Apple TV’s that are directly connected to nodes and my HomePod.

Whenever the 4th Gen Apple TV takes over my HomeKit home starts to get no response from a few devices either my Ecobee or my cameras. 2 of my cameras are now not working for whatever reason.

Once Apple figures out the hub and making one a priority over others will help with making HomeKit more stable. I don’t want to disable the 4th Gen Apple TV since it’s close to my Schlage door lock and I know it’s extending the Bluetooth network and once I puts some lights outside for the holidays I want to use a Eve outdoor plug to control it.