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Kuo says Apple’s mixed-reality headset will include 15 camera modules

Kuo says Apple’s mixed-reality headset will include 15 camera modules

Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected analyst at TF International Securities, shared some additional details about Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset, claiming that the device will have a total of 15 camera modules, which will allow advanced AR and “innovative biometrics. ”.

Kuo has highlighted what he believes is Apple’s three-phase plan to start launching portable mixed reality items last week, claiming that we will see the iPhone manufacturer launch next year an AR / VR headset, followed by long-rumored AR glasses from Apple in 2025 and, possibly, in 2030-2040, new AR contact lenses.

In a note to investors on Tuesday, Kuo reported that eight of the 15 camera modules are expected to be placed around the portable device to allow passage through VR, which would allow the user to “see through” the device and see the real world through the viewfinder displayed on a screen.

The news shared in February what claimed to be our first look at Apple’s next AR / VR headsets, publishing a sketch based on secret internal images he saw from an unnamed source “with direct knowledge” of the development, claiming that the device will provide an “elegant and curved viewfinder attached to a mesh material and strips of changeable head ”, as shown in the drawing above.

The last remaining cameras on the device are expected to be used for “innovative biometrics” and environmental detection purposes.

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