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Leviton announces second-generation HomeKit Decora switches and plugs

Leviton announces second-generation HomeKit Decora switches and plugs

On Monday afternoon, Leviton announced the second generation range of its Decora-compatible Wi-Fi compatible devices that work with HomeKit, including plugs, sockets and other accessories that do not require a hub.

The new Smart Wi-Fi Decora range includes a dimmer, a switch, a mini plug-in switch, a mini dimmer plug-in and a new Anywhere Dimmer and Switch Companions. All connect directly to Wi-Fi. Beyond the new products and the extended functionality of the Leviton application, the company also says that the new range has a “shallow depth” to facilitate both adaptations and new installations.

Leviton now has an even more comprehensive range of Wi-Fi connected devices. Users will probably be able to find any control they need, whether it’s a standard wall-mounted switch or a smart plug-in socket. The plug-in dimmer allows users to use any compatible lamp and use HomeKit or Siri to not only turn it on or off, but also set the brightness.

These devices have extended platform support and work with the Apple HomeKit, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Anywhere companions add multipoint control and can be easily attached to any wall with adhesives.

“Leviton makes it easy for homeowners to add smart lighting control upgrades to their homes and unique lifestyle with Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen and Anywhere Companions,” said James Shurte, senior product manager. Leviton. “Designed with our customers in mind, these exciting new Leviton products are smart at the next level, making it easy and cost-effective to upgrade from standard switches and drives to attractive, application-controlled voice and home solutions.”

The new 600 W Dimmer retails for $ 44.99, and the Mini-Plug-in Dimmer retails for $ 29.99. The 15A switch retails for $ 39.99, and the Mini Plug-in switches for $ 24.99. Wide availability is expected soon at Amazon and Home Depot.

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