Leviton launches second generation of smart drives, switches and Hubless sockets with Apple HomeKit support

Cupertino, March 30, 2021

Leviton has launched the second generation of smart drives, switches and Decora Wi-Fi sockets that do not require a hub.

The next generation of Decora Smart Wi-Fi offers four new products - a 600 W dimmer, a 15 A switch, a mini plug-in switch and a mini-Plug-Dimmer - that work with the free My Leviton app, are Wi-certified -Fi, and are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, Apple HomeKit / Siri, IFTTT and more. In addition, all second-generation Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices work with the new Leviton Anywhere Companions for wireless lighting control in multiple locations wherever you may need it - no cable installation required.

"Leviton makes it easier for homeowners to never add smart lighting control upgrades to their homes and unique lifestyle with Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen and Anywhere Companions," said James Shurte, senior product manager. Leviton. "Designed with our customers in mind, these exciting new Leviton products smartly take it to the next level, making it easy and cost-effective to upgrade from standard switches and drives to attractive, application-driven, voice-driven solutions for the entire home."

Decorate Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Expands the possibilities of Smart Home
Leviton's Decora Smart Wi-Fi product line features hubless devices that connect to Wi-Fi through an easy-to-use setup process, making it easy for homeowners to control lighting, electronics and appliances from anywhere via My Leviton app on a smartphone or tablet, as well as via compatible voice assistants. Second-generation Decora Smart Wi-Fi smart dimmers, switches and plug-ins can be incorporated into any existing smart home along with other current Decora Smart Wi-Fi controls as part of a complete home solution.

The enhanced features of the new second-generation Wi-Fi include:
● Easy setup using the My Leviton application
● Extended voice control compatibility includes Amazon Alexa, Hey Google and Apple HomeKit / Siri
● Pairing second-generation Wi-Fi devices with Anywhere Companions to extend smart home lighting control options whenever additional control is needed

Decorate Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen also includes robust features such as programming, scenes and activities, such as creating a "Film Time" scene to dim the lights to 30% brightness; and the ability to control custom lighting settings, including dimming rates, preset light levels, and bulb types. Users can also set the lights in holiday mode to randomize home lighting for an inhabited appearance while away from home, or they can use auto-shutdown mode to activate a reverse timer for areas such as closets, hallways, and bathrooms.

With a shallow depth of product, second-generation Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices are easy to install in new construction or as a replacement for standard switches and dimmers. For users who want multi-location control, Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen supports wired and wireless multi-location control options.

Decorate Smart Anywhere Companions
The new Decora Smart Anywhere Dimmer and Switch Companions pair wirelessly with second-generation Decora Smart Wi-Fi drives and switches to provide additional lighting control locations in the familiar Leviton Decora Smart aesthetic whenever needed for convenience, such as at the base of a staircase or the end of a hall.

Anywhere Companions can be mounted directly on a wall surface with adhesive, making it the perfect solution for adding lighting control in 3 directions and in multiple locations, where there may be no cables or a wall box with wire. travel. For added convenience, they can also be used in both single and multi-gang applications. Replaceable batteries are included.

You can purchase new second generation products using the links below ...

● Dimiton Leviton D26HD-2RW Decorate Smart Wi-Fi (second generation)
● Decorate Leviton D215S-2RW Smart Wi-Fi Switch (second generation)
● Leviton D215P-2RW Decorate Smart Wi-Fi Mini Switch Switch-in (second generation)
● Dimmer Leviton D23LP-2RW Decorate Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug-In Dimmer (second generation)

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