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LG 2021 OLED TVs are coming: prices and differences to know

LG 2021 OLED TVs are coming: prices and differences to know

LG’s 2021 OLED TVs are finally on the shelves, including the “Gallery” evo G1 series announced at CES 2021, which promises to look more like a picture on the wall. Overall, there are a dozen models in LG’s 2021 OLED range, ranging from 48 inches to 83 inches and priced from $ 1,299, as they go on sale this month and early April. .

2021 LG A1 Series

This will give you the 48-inch OLED48A1PUA, LG’s 2021 A1 series entry-level model. It extends from 48 inches to 77 inches on four models: the OLED55A1PUA is $ 1,599, the OLED65A1PUA is $ 2,199, and the largest OLED77A1PUA is $ 3,199.

They run webOS 6.0, with built-in apps for things like Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV, along with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support. There’s also a new LG Magic Remote with new shortcut keys for selected content providers. webOS also receives a new user interface and promises smarter content recommendations.

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2021 LG C1 Series

By launching a notch, the C1 series will be offered in five sizes. The 48-inch OLED48C1PUB is $ 1,499, while the 55-inch OLED55C1PUB is $ 1,799, and the 65-inch OLED65C1PUB is $ 2,499. The 77-inch OLED77C1PUB is $ 3,799, and finally the 83-inch OLED83C1PUA – LG’s largest OLED set for 2021 – comes in at $ 5,999.

All have four HDMI 2.1 inputs, with support for 4K 120 and eARC content. They also use the new LG Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI processor, which promises smarter video scaling as well as better overall processing. AI Sound Pro converts regular sound into virtual 5.1.2 surround sound and there is automatic volume leveling to balance the output between channels and applications.

As in the A1 series, there is the new remote control and the updated webOS 6.0 software.

2021 LG G1 “Gallery” Series

Finally, there is the G21 2021 “Gallery” series. It is available in three sizes: the 55-inch OLED55G1PUA for $ 2,199, the 65-inch OLED65G1PUA for $ 2,999, and the 77-inch OLED77G1PUA for $ 4,499.

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All use LG’s OLED evo panel technology for better brightness and detail. They also have a much smaller frame and are mounted closer to the wall for almost no space, says LG; a gallery stand will be available for those who do not follow the wall mounting route. They offer the same input option as the C1 series, along with the same AI processor and sound technologies.

Meanwhile, a Game Optimizer promises to provide the best combination of screen settings depending on the type of game played. If you want to change the results, all relevant settings have been combined into one panel. OLED Motion Pro is standard, the sets are compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync, and support FreeSync Premium.