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LG C9 OLED with Apple TV 4K, redundant?

Hello, boys,
First of all, nice to meet you all. Starting to build a home based HomeKit and feel like I'm in a weird situation right now, I was wondering if you could help me here.

You currently have an LG C9 TV, which has HomeKit built-in, as well as airplay 2 and Apple TV.
I was using an Apple TV 4K on my previous TV, but I wonder if using it on my current TV makes any sense?
I feel there is a lot of redundancy here and even when I do voice commands Siri I feel both tv alone or TV with appletv would do the same.

Anything missing here? Does it make sense to have an AppleTV attached to your LG C9 TV? Is it just a matter of interface preference or is there a real difference?

Thank you in advance!!!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have Homepod as the main hub, but I also have this point :]