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LG OLED E9 – Apple HomeKit – Change the volume?

LG OLED E9 – Apple HomeKit – Change the volume?

Hey guys,

recently started using the HomeKit functionality on the LG OLED55E9.

But after doing some research, it says that I should be able to control even more than turn the TV on and off, so since I couldn’t get the Volume Up / Down to work in the last few hours, I started I wonder if anyone is you can change the volume through the Home app on iOS?

Switching on / off and switching to active inputs works well.

This LG article clearly states that it should be possible to increase / decrease the volume:


“LG AI TVs can be easily added to the Home app, from which users can access basic TV features such as power, ** volume ** and source.”

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So did anyone manage to work? And if so, what did you do?

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