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LG smart TVs receive a free three-month trial of Apple TV +

LG smart TVs receive a free three-month trial of Apple TV +

There was a time when it seemed like LG was everything in the Google ecosystem. Of course, he still had to play ball with competing platforms such as Amazon Echo and Apple’s Home, but it felt like Android, Google Home and Google Assistant had received preferential treatment on LG devices and devices. However, these days, LG has moved to play on the field of everyone, especially Apple. He boasted that he is one of the first third parties to receive support for Apple technologies, and now he is showing off his relationship with a free trial of Apple TV + for its smart TV owners.

In 2019, LG TVs were the first to support two of Apple’s most coveted smart home technologies. It brought HomeKit and AirPlay 2 to some of its LED and LCD sets, opening the doors for Apple fans to control their smart homes and enjoy their content on a bigger screen.

Last year, LG was even more proud when it received the Apple TV app, while its Android TV competitors would have to wait more than a year to be honored by Apple’s presence. This app has given LG smart TV owners the opportunity to access Apple TV + service, but that naturally requires a paid subscription in the first place. If they haven’t done so yet, LG now gives them one less reason not to even try it on their own.

The company is now offering a three-month free trial period for Apple TV +, which is available for all compatible LG smart TV models from 2016-2021. Of course, this only applies to regions where Apple TV + is available primarily. LG does not miss the opportunity to advertise the functions of these smart TVs such as Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos for a better Apple TV + experience.

This Apple TV + promotion can be redeemed by eligible LG smart TV owners until February 13, 2022. Although most likely unrelated, the funny moment of this announcement comes at a time when Google and LG are hitting each other. on Android phones, making this enticing partnership Apple almost like a slap on Google.