LG's CineReam AI ThinQ 4K HDR projector range is now incorporated

Cupertino, March 17, 2020

LG has just announced that Alexa will be incorporated into the CineBeam AI ThinQ 4K projector range. This means that both the HU70LA and HU85LA LED projectors from LG will receive a free upgrade to have the Alexa services incorporated into them. Homeowners will only have to update the software once they connect the projector to the internet. How will your experience change? Keep reading to learn more.

Built-in Alexa gives you access to 90,000 skills and more

LG is leveraging Amazon's vast Alexa ecosystem to bring new life to CineBeam 4K projectors. The update will allow homeowners to use their voice to gain information, control smart home products and access over 90,000 Alexa skills in a flash. It only requires "pressing a button on the LG Magic Remote" and does not require any external or separate device.

Through Alexa routines, you can connect a number of actions to improve your home theater experience. Turn on the lights, send an announcement all over the house, or even turn on the microwave to turn on the flowers. It's very simple now that Alexa is here.

The smart home extends to the smart home theater

The projectors that receive this update, the HU70LA and the HU85LA are LG's newest and best smart home theater technology. Both offer 4K technology with a high dynamic range HDR10. The HU85LA offers a 120-inch screen size and packs a "vibrant image in ambient light", thanks to its 2700 lumens output. With laser technology, the HU85LA is a short-throw projector, which means it only has to be 2.2 inches from the wall to make a 90-inch screen, which is great for compact settings.

The HU70LA, on the other hand, can make up to a 140-inch screen and offers a more traditional design. If you are building a standard home theater, this is a great option because it can be mounted on a wall or ceiling for a frameless appearance that the laser cannot provide. However, unlike HU85LA, you will get up to 1500 bright lights here, so there will have to be more theater decor to use HU70LA.

Not just Alexa smart, LG is approaching multiple platforms

These projectors are not only smart with Alexa because they also work with Google Assistant. This means that you can now use the two most popular smart home platforms to control the latest LG projectors, all through a simple software update. Although there is no HomeKit or AirPlay support (yet? Hope?), LG is definitely on the market with this update.

9to5Toys ”ia

It's great to see companies continue to expand smart home compatibility from one platform to several, especially when existing devices get it through a simple software update. Although I don't personally use Assistant or Alexa (I'm a HomeKit person), I can seriously respect a bookmarking company like this.

Here's hoping that LG will integrate the Apple standard at some point in the future. But, until then, we're happy to be able to issue simple controls to our projectors via a remote control and have our favorite movie explode on the big screen, just like we would in a theater, without leaving the comfort of our own home.

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