Limitations in the use of temperature to control HomeKit devices?

Cupertino, October 10, 2019

There have been many posts about using temperature from devices like ecobee, motion sensors, etc. as a trigger for an action in HomeKit. However, some of them suggest that HomeKit currently only supports accurate temperature values ​​and is not greater than or less than.

For example, the ecobee sensor does not report temperature, and apps like Eve and FibaroHome, etc. allow for conditional triggers based on Ecobee sensor temperature. However, these routines or automations do not actually trigger or are unreliable because HomeKit looks for the exact value before the condition is applied. So if I set a trigger or state of <= 70F in Eve or FibaroHome, unless the sensor sends the value to exactly 70, the routine will not run, making <useless. Apparently, an old version of the Eve app had a trigger for temperature = SOMEONE, but the new versions seem to have removed it.

First, anyone can confirm the above is a HomeKit issue or a limitation.
Second, is there any way to get around this, or are there some temperature sensors that work as triggers better than others for HomeKit?

Here are some posts that talk about it.
(Ecobee with Space Heater) (
(Ecobee for temperature sensor) (

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