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Listening questions marathon on the new HomeKit Insider

Listening questions marathon on the new HomeKit Insider

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On this week’s HomeKit Insider, your hosts ask a lot of listener questions, talk about the news, and reveal another special guest for next week’s episode.

Starting this week, Andrew and Stephen are talking about their current projects. Andrew talks about adding a bit of Nanoleaf bulbs to the basement and added more controls via the Flic buttons and set up a way to control the color of his pantry with the 12-sided Nanoleaf remote control. Stephen also talks about buying his new smart light bulb.

And speaking of Nanoleaf, next week’s episode of HomeKit Insider will feature Nanoleaf CEO Gimmy Chu.

News coverage includes the new Abode camera and talks about our recent coverage, including revising the text of the Logitech Circle View video ringtone.

Listener’s questions

As last week’s interview episode was complete, this week was dedicated to a wide variety of listener questions that had accumulated.

Kirk Reid asked us to help him find a way to turn off his bathroom fan automatically after a certain period of time. Shockingly, starting a device and coming back after a while is surprisingly difficult to do in HomeKit – but I found a solution.

Sean Poirier wondered why his front door contact sensors struggle to function when they limit them to certain times of the day compared to time.

Michael K wondered if there was any way to see all the automation and scenes related to a particular device. Cameron Donnelly wanted us to go through the differences between a real security system like Abode and relying on HomeKit sensor notifications on his own.

David Wages explained that he has an automation that turns off the lights when the last person leaves, but if he leaves his children at home with a babysitter, the lights go out because they do not have their own devices. He wants to know if there is a solution that would work for this.

Marc Smith told us how Siri seems to ignore his wife’s request, but listens to him, even though she is added to Home and has personal requests enabled. We offer some possible solutions.

Twitter user sdc2897 asked if there is a faster way to reach his accessories, because more touches are needed to reach the door lock in the Home application.

Zelko has a kitchen and hallway look similar to Andrew’s and wants to know when he has three-way switches if he needs to change them all or one of them to make them smart and who they should be. We explain how it can do this and what accessories specifically support three-way settings.

Finally, a user emailed us asking if there were plug-in motion sensors or if they were all battery-powered.

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