Logi Circle 2 vs. Nest Cam Indoor: Which should you buy?

Cupertino, September 7, 2019

The Logi Circle 2 is a motion-sensing security camera that is easy to install. It starts to record once the motion detected and has a 180 degree field of view. It is also compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, and offers visible night vision up to 15 feet.

$ 130 at Amazon


  • Free 24-hour video footage
  • Bidirectional audio
  • 180 degree field of view
  • Alerts for detection of people and animals (with subscription)
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit
  • Waterproof

The inconvenients

  • Night vision is not as good in practice
  • Need a subscription for more features

Nest Cam Indoor is a security camera designed to help you keep in touch with your business, whether you're at home or away. You receive instant alerts when it detects motion and you also have the ability to stream live when you need it. You will however need a subscription if you want to watch videos over a long period.

$ 169 at Amazon


  • Bidirectional audio
  • Alerts for detection of people and animals (with subscription)
  • Automatic zoom
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Connect with other Nest products

The inconvenients

  • Need a strong internet connection
  • Expensive
  • Need a subscription to see more than three hours
  • Can only be used indoors

Nest and Logitech are both big names in security cameras. It can be difficult to choose one. Both offer similar features, such as instant notifications when it detects movement, are quick and easy to install, and feature two-way audio communication. However, there may be other factors that could influence you one way or the other.

Live Streaming

The Logi Circle 2 is a HD home security camera that records a video once it has detected motion. You will also receive a snapshot of the current view when you are notified, allowing you to see things at a glance. You can then choose the notification option and see in real time what is happening at home and act accordingly. Two-way audio communication allows you to interact with anyone on the other side of the camera. It can store videos up to 24 hours, which allows you to return to the videos of the day at the end of the night. You even get 30 seconds of highlights of the day instead of having to sift through all the videos. Its 180 degree field of view is ideal for covering all areas.

The Circle 2 is weatherproof, which means that it can also be used outdoors. We are looking at the wired version here, but there is also a wireless version if you want more options to know where to place it. In the dark, night vision comes into action with a range of up to 15 feet. Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, you can use your voice to control it. You can watch videos via the Circle app or on your computer via the Circle web application.

Out of the box, you can get unlimited streaming, smart alerts, 24-hour storage and a 30-second daily briefing. For more, you will need a subscription, which we will see in the next section.

Logi Circle 2 Nest Cam Indoor
Camera 1080p HD 1080p HD
Motion detection Yes Yes
Bidirectional audio Yes Yes
Free storage Until 24 hours Until 3 o'clock
Field of view 180 degrees 130 degrees
Night vision Yes Yes

The Nest Cam Indoor also offers 1080p HD video recording. It is wired and powered through a wall outlet in your home, just like the Logi Circle 2 (there is no wireless option).

Likewise, every time Nest Cam detects motion, you'll receive alerts that let you watch live video footage. There is two-way audio communication, and if you want to go back to a video, the Nest Cam will record videos for the last 3 hours. What's missing from the 24 hours with the Logi Circle 2, but the daily Nest Cam brief is an interesting feature to watch the day back. In comparison, Nest Cam Indoor does not respond to the fact that it is not weatherproof, hence its name. It can only be used in your home.

Nest Cam Indoor has a 130 degree field of view. This means that it will not quite capture the angle to the 180 degree field of view of the Logi Circle 2, but that it's in a decent angle to capture the main part of a room. The installation of the Nest Camera is also fast and easy. You can lay it on a table or shelf, attach it to a metal surface with the built-in magnet or place it on the wall using the removable wall plate.

One thing Nest Cam has on Logi Circle 2 is that it can connect to other Nest devices. If you have other Nest products, it can help you go one step further in securing your home. For example, if you have a Nest Protect and it detects smoke or carbon monoxide, Nest Cam will automatically turn on and start recording. You can then look back to see the cause or watch live through the app if you are away from home.

Subscriptions may vary

Nest Cam Indoor

With one or the other cameras, subscriptions are required to get more features. Logi Circle 2 offers two levels of pricing with Circle Safe. In addition to the ability to stream live and receive daily briefs and instant notifications of 30 seconds, you can take advantage of the Basic package ($ 4 per month), which allows you to watch videos from the last 14 days instead of 24 hours free.

The Premium package ($ 10 / month) allows you to watch video clips of the last 31 days. You also get a person detection, which means that you can set it to receive only notifications when it detects a person. With Premium, you will also be able to configure motion zones. Basically, you can define specific areas to monitor, such as the gateway or windows. You can configure up to five movement areas via the Circle application.

Nest Cam has three levels of pricing with Nest Aware: 5 days ($ 5 / month), 10 days ($ 10 / month), and 30 days ($ 30 / month). The key features of Nest Aware are 24/7 Live Broadcast, Smart Alerts, and Activity Zones where you can select specific areas to monitor at home, as you can with Logi. Circle 2. Smart alerts are when you receive alerts specifically for a person and not when your pet has been able to steadfastly observe the view of the camera, which is the same as the subscription feature of Circle Safe Person Detection.

The name of each subscription indicates the date of backup of your videos. All other features are included in each subscription. It all depends on how long you want to see the history of your videos.

Price of the subscription Logi Circle 2 Nest Cam Indoor
Free 24-hour storage, streaming and unlimited downloads, daily video briefing, Smart Alerts
$ 4 basic / month 14 day storage plus free package features
Premium $ 10 / month 31-day storage, people detection, motion zones, personalized daily video briefing, plus free package features
Free 3 hours of storage, instant notifications
5 days $ 5 / month 5 days storage, streaming 24/7, activity zones
10 days $ 10 / month 10 days storage, streaming 24/7, activity zones
30 days $ 30 / month 30-day storage, streaming 24/7, activity zones

So what should you buy?

Both devices offer many identical features, but the Logi Circle 2 is less expensive. It is very easy to install and configure, so you'll be ready to go in minutes. You get more regarding free features, such as free 24-hour storage, as opposed to the three hours you get with Nest Cam Indoor. The Logi Circle 2 can also be used outdoors when the Nest Cam Indoor is specifically designed for indoor use. If you sometimes needed to keep an eye on the outside, you can easily transfer the Logi Circle 2 out without fear of getting wet because it is water resistant.

Even with subscriptions, Logi Circle 2 gives you more for less. It will cost a bit more if you install more than one camera, but it costs less than a 10-day Nest Aware subscription. If you are looking for a great price, go for the Logi Circle 2. The wide angle of view of the camera is also an advantage because you get a bigger picture.

However, if you already have Nest products, Nest Cam Indoor will integrate better with other Nest products. The possibility that a product can activate another product to help you fully monitor your home and access the current situation means that you should use this ecosystem.


logitech circle 2 render

Logi Circle 2

Wide angle means you can see more.

This is a reliable home security camera. Its installation is fast and easy, you receive instant notifications as soon as it detects a movement and you benefit from two-way audio communication. There is also a voice command with Alexa, Google Assitant and Apple HomeKit.


nest cam security cam

Nest Cam Indoor

Robust and elegant

Nest Cam Indoor is missing in many categories compared to Logi Circle 2, but it connects to other Nest products, making it perfect for heavy users.

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