Logitech Circle Video Header - Should I Return It?

Cupertino, January 30, 2021

I've been in regular contact with Logitech customer support for weeks since we knocked on the door. My ticket is finally escalating, but I'm done at this point. I am not sure that gathering all the information they need and getting a picture of the receipt and what cannot be solved with this disappointing headache will give better results. I've invested so many hours wanting to work, so I ask for any advice. Is there any hope for this? Or should I return it? Performance issues: 1. Activity is not detected at random, and random times unrelated to the camera are "offline", resulting in many missed recordings. For periods of time it does not detect activity and therefore misses important records. The ringtone is not displayed offline, and there are no messages or other indications as to why it did not work properly. It happens both day and night and for durations of less than an hour to 14 hours. Also, a few times an activity was not fully recorded. This may be a design flaw and not an error. For example, a delivery truck picks up and starts recording. But the recording stops until the driver reaches our porch. He didn't record the driver ringing the bell. He also did not register the driver returning to the delivery truck and driving. This activity was not detected or recorded. Surprisingly, he didn't start recording again when the bell rang. 2. Face detection still doesn't recognize people tagged in my photo library. Although I have the photo library added to the HK - Face Recognition - Libraries app (anyone is home) and I've double-checked my person tags in my photo library, it seems to only recognize people listed as "RECENT" that I add manually via the Home App. There is no indication that there is a problem with my photo library or the tags of people who can access the ringtone, other than it doesn't work. I've tried about 5 of the best tagged people in my library and it doesn't recognize or tag them. So far, the only way to get someone recognized is to manually add them under "RECENTS". Face recognition works and I was impressed by the distance my facial recognition identified. I didn't expect this, because when I'm a little older, the video doesn't seem to be 1080p, possibly because of the WiFi connection, compression, wide-angle optics, or any combination of these or other factors. In fact, it seems that the software intentionally blurs the face on the recordings. To be clear, I don't think the faces are actually fading, because pixelation seems to apply to everything, including license plates and other elements. Sharing this to give a perspective on why I was so impressed from a distance that I was recognized and labeled. Although I couldn't recognize myself in the video because of the quality and distance, facial recognition did. So the problem seems to be mainly related to the fact that I don't use people tagged in my photo library. 3. The ringer periodically disconnects without connection to the wifi and / or internet connection. After resetting the ringtone a few days ago, he was connected to HK and, although facial recognition did not work, recorded events and rarely offline, without response. Then I restarted the router for another problem, and the bell hasn't reconnected for about 10 hours now. This was probably due to restarting the router, but the ringtone is also offline, for no apparent reason, while other devices remained connected to wifi and internet. Troubleshooting: I tracked all the online troubleshooting I could find, including on the Logitech website. It did not resolve any of the issues, except that I was able to receive a previous issue of not receiving notifications. I've also done things like restarting the router and satellite several times, restarting and disconnecting the cable modem several times, unplugging and restarting our Apple TV several times, disconnecting from my iCloud account, and logging in. back to Apple TV, start home sharing off and restart on Apple TV, remove the video ringtone from the power to reset it, close and reopen the Home app, switch all settings and wake up for the ringtone from the home app, etc. Settings: Our transformer is new, and Logitech says it's fine. We have Orbi wifi network with a satellite with the following measurements at the location of the bell. It has the latest firmware. It has been restarted several times. 202 Mbps download 5.81 Mbps download 16 ms jitter 0% loss 16 ms ping Rarely do we have sunlight and the average outdoor temperature is about 45 F. The ringer has performance issues all hours, including at night, so it does not overheat or heat up from direct sunlight. Our Apple TV is our HK hub and has the latest update. It has been disconnected and restarted probably about 30 times and counting. These are our video ringtone settings. Recording Options - RECORDING AND RECORDING: When Home: Stream & Allow Recording When Remote: Stream & Allow Recording Recording When: Specific Motion Detection More Options - People Detected: Enabled Detected Animals: On Vehicles Detected: Off Audio Recording : On Face Recognition - Face Recognition: In Libraries: Keith's Library - Anyone in the household known to the household: 4 - Shared Activity Areas: None (Not Configured) Status Light Room: On Night Vision Light: Off

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