Logitech Doorbell No Chime PLEASE HELP !!

Cupertino, October 8, 2021

Hi everyone, I recently bought a Logitech bell for use with Homekit and my HomePods. I read online that I didn't have to install an existing sound / bell in my house to make the bell work. I have seen many people buy AC adapters and transformers and I was very excited. So, after reading many homekit.blog posts on this topic, I purchased a 24VAC, 40 VA AC transformer that plugs directly into my outlet and some 18/2 bell wire. There are 3 0V, ground, 24V terminals. Based on what I understood, which is very little, I attached 2 wires to the back of the bell and then one wire to the 0V terminal and the other to the 24V terminal. I was thrilled to see that the LED was ringing and then I went to start the setup. My iPhone was able to find the ringtone, but it could never complete the setup process. Then I noticed that the LED on the bell was green and about every 3-5 seconds it flashed fast and looked like it had lost power and would regain it in an instant. Considering that my ringtone is defective, then I connected it to a USB and it works very well and fits and can be configured in my home application. However, after I set it up and reconnected it to my transformer, it made them the same flickering green light. I then replaced my transformer with a new one, which also didn't work. Then I read that you may need to plug in the bell set simply to act as a resistor (which I thought my transformer has inside), so I did this and the same flickering green light. I have no experience in electrical work and I did not want to install a traditional transformer in the wall and I did not get the usual alternative adapter, because I liked the idea of ​​being able to unplug the transformer, in case it needed to be replaced. I missed something? Could it just be this brand of transformers? He was linked to other articles stating that it worked well. Could it be my house? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am currently stuck with a beautiful ringtone that I cannot use. Thank you in advance!

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