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Look for tips on setting up longer distances

Look for tips on setting up longer distances

Hi friends,

A family member sent me a fun problem to solve. They have a timer system in the house that automatically turns on the outside lights at sunset. They have a warehouse and they want a way to do the same with the lights out. Being me, I want to introduce them to HomeKit as well.

Still, here’s the kicker. There is an electrical operation (obv), but there is no network. Philips Hue has already been ruled out, the bulbs are outdoors in somewhat extreme conditions. My first thought was Lutron Cassette, but IDK …
(1) if the hub signal would reach ~ 75 feet to the warehouse, even if it was placed in the nearest point of the house;
(2) if a configuration cable might run, but then leave the switch vented and still have the sunrise / sunset automation function
(3) if the box switch could run on wifi alone, or if the hub is needed for automation OR
(4) if there is a better solution with enough radius to manage the configuration.

Help! Thank you in advance.