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Lutron Serena Shades

Lutron Serena Shades

I just placed my order for the Lutron Serena shades this morning. I couldn’t make the whole house at once because, damn it, these things are expensive. I think I’ll get the other two bedrooms next month, LOL.

The living room, the living room, the kitchen and the master bedroom have a total of 9 windows. I went with the camera darkening the cell blinds, because my house is facing west, the living room can get very hot on days when it is over 70 degrees F

Home Depot says the blinds will be somewhere between November 4-9 and we install them ourselves. I looked at the installation instructions online and I don’t find it * so * difficult.

For others who have them,

* How was the delivery window? I hope they arrive sooner rather than later just because I would love to have windows in the house again 🙂
* Did you go with self-installation or did you install them? If you self-installed, how was the process? Will I regret this?
* How long do you find the batteries to last or how often did you have to replace them? I could buy shares in Duracell now.
* If you went through a big box store, could you get a volume discount? Lowes and HD at discounts on materials over $ 1500 if you go through their professional office, but was I polite? I informed this morning that Serena blinds are excluded, so I’m curious what others have experienced.