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Major HomeKit connection issues with the new iOS 14.2 network privacy settings

Major HomeKit connection issues with the new iOS 14.2 network privacy settings

Recently, all my HomeKit accessories started to change status to “Unanswered” until last

Just to clean the air, these devices – for the most part – work well through their third pary applications. WiFi connection is excellent 👍 and my digital environment has not changed between iOS 14 and iOS 14.2. I gave up completely using the home app and just used the third pary apps, until August Smart Lock / Connect didn’t work completely on all home devices (Android and iOS).

Once my lock went offline, I started investigating 🧐 I reset the August Connect factory and tried to reconfigure it through their “August” app. He refused to connect to my network via iPhone 12 (via Bluetooth). I checked my internet speed, if it connects to a 2.4 ghz band and different physical placements … nothing.

Later, when I looked through the iPhone network settings, I found this new feature: network privacy. When August Connect is in setup mode, my iPhone recognizes a new “accessory” and has the option to add it. The iPhone shows that this is indeed the “Connect” device and allows it to connect to the network. It works! the end of things iPhone. Unfortunately, August didn’t even acknowledge this issue, and “Login” fails to connect.

After further investigation, I found that my Hue app can’t find the Hue Bridge (the lights are still responding, weird). The Hue app has network privacy permissions, but HomeKit won’t bridge the gap. The iPhone will not take over the bridge.

I’m starting to worry that I should resort to a complete network reset (for the third time this year), God

I know how frustrating / annoying it is to help someone with a technology problem. You have little information, you don’t look in real time at what is happening and most of the problems are incredibly unique – so far, I think I’m the only one with this problem. I tried to be as detailed as possible and now I am looking for ~~ pleading for guidance 🥺 I would like to avoid complete network reset. You can imagine that connecting 20 smart lights, 2 TVs, 3 Google Homes, laptops and smartphones, a smart lock, Xbox, smart sockets and many other devices (God, printer 🙃) doesn’t sound like a good time at all; and working hours (maybe days). Have pity on me Joke, but any advice is welcome 🙏 I will be as open and detailed as possible.