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Making smart light switches

Making smart light switches

Making smart light switches


I'm looking for a tip on creating smart light switches. I already have IKEA bulbs in most rooms in my apartment, except for the bathroom and the lobby. There, I have a bunch of GU10 LEDs that would be pretty expensive to replace, even with IKEA Tradfri, so I thought I'd make the switches themselves smart.

In the bathroom, I have a double switch near the entrance to the room, but I really use one of the switches (I have no light connected to the other circuit). On the hall, I have three different individual switches that control the entire circuit.

Some things to consider:

* My current configuration includes the Homebridge server with Zigbee2MQTT configured so they are flexible enough to add incompatible devices as long as they are Zigbee based
* All the devices I use are also visible in Google Home, because they use two Home Minis, so the solution must be compatible with both HomeKit and Google Assistant, or it can be configured via Homebridge (I have a plugin that allows me to use Homebridge devices with Google Assistant)
* I live in Germany, so it has to be a solution that works here.

The perfect solution would be something they can put behind current switches, such as this one (the Fibaro switch) (

Is there anything that suits my requirements?