Malouf M555 adjustable bed review: shortcut to sleep

Cupertino, March 19, 2020

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Despite looking for ways to add just about everything I can do with HomeKit to my home, there are some cases where Apple's smart home platform simply doesn't apply. Whether it's kitchen appliances, washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners or mops, HomeKit doesn't currently have a way to implement them in Home or Siri. This causes me to miss things or submit to other smart home services, such as Alexa Amazon, which I prefer not to do unless absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, the introduction of Siri shortcuts has brought a new way for accessories and devices to interact with Apple's voice assistant. Now, some of the more "obscure" devices can work with personal automation and voice control through our iOS devices and HomePod. I've had the chance to test such an example for the past two months. Malouf M555 adjustable bed base, which shows how well it can work to remove gaps in the Apple ecosystem.

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While an adjustable bed base may not be for everyone, the fact that the Malouf M555 is a magical experience, to say the least. Having the ability to find the perfect position in the salon or make slight adjustments during the night on demand is just all kinds of cool, something I never thought I'd say about my bed.

Convenient comfort

malouf m555 adjustable base render

Adjustable base for adjustable bed Malouf M555

Bottom line: The Malouf M555 adjustable bed base is a surprisingly easy way to bring even more vocal control into your bedtime routine. If you have a foam mattress and funds, you can have the future bed today.


  • Easy setup
  • Responsive settings
  • Works with Siri
  • Remote control included
  • Illuminated under the bed

The river

  • Expensive
  • Somewhat noisy
  • It may not work with all bed frames
  • Highlight massage function

Features for days

Malouf M555 adjustable bed base: features

Adjustable base for adjustable bed Malouf M555

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Even with all its connected technology, the Malouf M555 looks about the same as all other not-so-smart adjustable beds on the market. The frame is made of a gray fabric that wraps around the exposed sides, with a black section in the middle where you place a foam mattress (spring mattresses will not work). Below, the folding frame, made of black metal, runs the length of the base, providing support for up to 850 kilograms, along with several engines, electrical components and a lighting system under the bed.

Bed configuration requires only a few steps after disconnection, without the need for tools. Simply unfold the base, screw in the included feet, turn it around and put on your mattress. After that, it's just a matter of plugging it in, inserting the batteries into the remote control, and you're ready to go.

Depending on the existing bed frame, the M555 might fit inside, keeping everything nice and tidy, but there is a chance (as I entered) where not, which creates additional work. Unfortunately, the on-board cassettes and hardware support are not included, so if you do not fit in, but still want to use the final parts, you will need to order additional equipment.

The functions of the Malouf Base application

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Once powered on, the M555 has a number of features all accessible from the remote, through the Malouf Sleep app, and even Siri. Malouf offers a few preset positions to make adjustments as quickly as possible, such as TV / reading, lounge, zero gravity and snoring. Up to 5 favorite positions can be saved and depending on the size of the base, the adjustments can be synchronized in zones or operated independently if you have two separate mattresses that form a king. Also available are manual controls that can raise or lower both ends of a mattress independently from 0 to 60 degrees of inclination for the head area and 0-45 degrees for the feet.

In addition to adjustments, the M555 includes several beautiful features, such as massage areas. The M555 is capable of offering four different types of massage, each with three intensity levels working on 12 areas positioned around the base. Completing the list of features is Bluetooth wireless connectivity, dual USB ports on each side for charging devices and a battery backup system that keeps adjustments available in case power goes down.

Shortcuts and Siri

Malouf M555 adjustable bed base: What I like

Malouf Base App Control Siri

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

As mentioned earlier, the layout of the base was surprisingly easy, although it required a heavy lift for the King size we tested. Once I went through unboxing and was positioned in my bedroom, it was just plug-and-play. I fully expected to use a tool or two during installation, but it was not, at least for the base itself and not for the existing bed frame.

Setting up the M555 with the Malouf Base app was also an extremely easy adventure. The process was simply: press the Add bed button, select the bed configuration, name the bed, select the model and touch the base you find after you found. Since the base communicates directly with the application via Bluetooth, there was no typing in the a long or waiting Wi-Fi password and hoping that it connects to my home network.

During my initial initiative with the M555 a few months ago, I mentioned that I was meticulous by the Malouf application team and still am due to regular updates and how they incorporate many iOS-specific features. I never expected a basic bed app to be a first class citizen App Store, with features such as a dark mode that can be automatically adjusted according to iOS device settings or by programming, as well as mentioning shortcuts from the Siri.

Navigation in the Malouf Base application is responsive and fast, due to its clean design, and the orders sent to the base have been completed within a second. The only time I noticed a slight delay was with the manual adjustments, which felt a bit weird going up or down for a moment after pressing the button. Setting up shortcuts for Siri was also easy, with six commands ready to go in the app, which can only be added with two clicks.

Orders sent through Siri worked the same as with the application or the remote control, with the bed responding in a few seconds via iPhone, iPad and HomePod. Shortcuts can also be added through the Shortcuts application, which makes the bed available for automation or personal routines. When combined with HomeKit lights, fans, plugs, TVs or other accessories, it can make the entire bedtime routine completely automated with little work.

As for the fact that I have a real adjustable bed base, I found it very pleasant to sleep at night and save myself from a health problem. Unfortunately, I suffer from acid reflux while I sleep at night and, while not present every day, it happens more often than I would like. Due to the quite random nature of the problem, I cannot say enough that a high position of my head prevented one from happening. However, I can say that when I have mild symptoms, adding extra growth has eliminated it pretty quickly.

It's not quite universal

Adjustable base for Malouf M555 adjustable bed: What I do not like

Malouf M555 adjustable bed base in flat position

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Let's get this out of the way, the Malouf E555 adjustable bed base is expensive, so it's definitely more of a luxury / nice to have an item if you don't have an immediate need. Additional expenses may also be required if the existing bed frame does not work with the base. Separate brackets are available that can be attached to the end and plate, but it is not guaranteed and you may need to remove any side rails you may have. I am not sure why the brackets were not just included in the box and it seems that the process of obtaining them involves a trip to a local mattress store or an email or a call to Malouf, they are not available to be purchased online through their website.

While the actual movements for moving the base up and down are smooth, the operation itself produces a little more noise than I would have liked. I hoped that the snoring positions and functions would allow me to make discreet adjustments when needed, if a certain one in my household was starting to tear, but the process was so loud that it instantly woke them up. You can put the restraint in the anti-snoring position before going to sleep, but again, I found cases where I simply forgot to adjust myself, despite how easy it is to do this, because it simply doesn't I have entered my routine so far. As for the relief from snoring, a tilt certainly helped, but didn't stop it completely.

Some of the other features of the bed base that do not involve raising or lowering the mattress have been a little disappointing. The under-bed lighting system is not uncommonly a feature that you can switch on and off via Siri or a shortcut and it will automatically turn off on its own after a set period of time. The same applies to the massage function, which felt subtle in operation. The massage options felt rather vibrating than a relaxing massage, even with different patterns and intensities, and were a little on the noisy side. I suppose their effectiveness depends on the thickness and density of the mattress, so this is something to consider if you have a massage feature for you.

Sweet Dreams

Malouf M555 adjustable bed base: Bottom line

out of 5

The Malouf M555 adjustable bed base combines comfortable positioning with convenient connected features, bringing today's future bed into the home. Shortcuts from Siri, remote control, under-bed lighting, dual-USB ports and more can be added to your existing bed in a few moments, thanks to the easy installation and configuration of the application.

The M555 is fast and responsive, lifting the mattress up and down with smooth movements, through an included app, voice and remote control. Frequent updates and iOS-specific features found in the Malouf Base app give me confidence that it will be accepted for years to come, may add a few extra tricks in my sleeve in the future. While it may not be for everyone, if you are in the market for an adjustable base or just want the bed of today's future, the M555 should definitely be on your radar if you can afford to run away.

Convenient comfort

malouf m555 adjustable base render

Malouf M555 Adjustable bed bed

Bottom line: The Malouf M555 adjustable bed base is a surprisingly easy way to bring even more vocal control into your bedtime routine. If you have a foam mattress and funds, you can have the future bed today.

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