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March 23, 2021 – SportsLogos.Net News

March 23, 2021 – SportsLogos.Net News

March 23, 2021 - SportsLogos.Net News


Russia has also incorporated elements of its flag into its latest version. the new remote country t-shirt has blue and red stripes on the chest which, taken together with the background, mimic the stripes of the Russian flag. The double-eagle crest of the country appears on the chest in full color, while a small badge on the back of the shirt, next to the collar, reads: “ИГРАЕМ ЗА ВАС!” (“We play for you!”)

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Spain away crop

Spain is known for its colorful culture and colorful football style, but the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has become decidedly monochrome for its new away kits. The shirt is predominantly white, with a light tonal pattern, resembling watercolor on the face and silver adidas stripes on the shoulders. The adidas and RFEF logos are shown in red, and there are thin red and yellow stripes on the cuffs. A lion icon appears on the back near the collar, with the numbers 1920 and 2020, marking the 100th anniversary of Spain’s international football debut, a 1-0 victory over Denmark at the 1920 Summer Olympics.

On Tuesday, RFEF also launched a new simplified creation that will be used on the national team jerseys starting in 2022:

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Germany away crop

Where Spain has become light, Germany has darkened – like, really darkness. The four-time World Cup champions unveiled their new away kit on Tuesday and almost all the items on it – including the German Football Association (DFB) logo, the adidas logo and the adidas stripes – rendered in black on the black jersey. The red and yellow linings on the cuffs mimic the pattern of the German flag and offer the only spots of color on the entire shirt. Fortunately, for the sake of readability, the images on the DFB web store indicate that the names and numbers of the players on these shirts will be white (or possibly silver?), Although the numbers on the back incorporate a pattern of thin black lines.

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sweden away crop

The Swedish Football Association has kept things traditional and classic with its new travel kit. The shirt is dark blue with yellow adidas logos, yellow ornaments around the collar and cuffs, as well as yellow stripes on the face and sleeves. On the back, next to the collar, is the word “SVERIGE”, which in Swedish means “Sweden”.

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hungary away crop

Simple, traditional and elegant, it also seemed to be the direction Hungary decided to use for its new on-the-go kit. The shirt is predominantly white, with a red collar and red adidas logos. The green panels pass on the sides of the shirt and eventually merge into cuffs, which also have red tubes. A simplified version of the country’s coat of arms is on the left chest, and the logo of the Hungarian Football Federation is shown in red in the middle of the chest.

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belgium away crop

Like Spain, Belgium has become predominantly white for its new travel kit, although in the case of Belgium, the tonal pattern looks more like brush strokes than watercolors (perhaps mirroring their home kit) and extends to the back of the shirt. The adidas stripes on the shoulders are red, the adidas logo on the chest is black, and both colors can be found on the cuffs. The shirt bears the new crest of the Royal Football Association of Belgium, which was introduced in November 2019, and on the back next to the collar is a “B” logo stylized in the colors of the Belgian flag that appears in the same place on the home kit.

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