Meet some issues with automation and shortcuts

Cupertino, December 7, 2021

Hello. The first time I posted here. I recently decided to go in and start creating more complex automations and noticed some issues. I hope someone can give me some information and / or confirm that I am the only one facing these issues. I wasn't sure if it was better to post one post per question or just put them all together, so I grouped them all together. 1. Scenario: At a certain time each day, set the lighting based on the shortcut conversion with logic. I use Hue bulbs throughout the house and have created several seasonal lighting themes. I had a problem where the automation would start perfectly until I converted to a shortcut and incorporated the logic. I can go into the details of the shortcut if prompted, but in short, the problem has to do with home control. If you create a simple "At 9:00 PM when someone is home, do this" with "this" being home control by setting a scene, automation does not work. If I replace the home control action with a webhook, the webhook works smoothly. If I test the shortcut or manually trigger the automation, it works. The problem only appears when it has to be triggered automatically. Looks like this is a bug, so I don't expect any response to this, but I would appreciate any solution if anyone has them. 2. Occasionally, a Hue bulb will be turned off at the light switch and is inaccessible. If the accessory is inaccessible, the shortcut throws an error and stops running at the point of error and will not execute the rest of the shortcut. Example: When the last person leaves the house, it turns off every light. This only works if all lights are accessible. If one or more are inaccessible, the shortcut / automation does not continue with the rest of the actions and leaves the lights on because the error was thrown earlier in the process. Is there a way to tell shortcuts how to handle errors or if an accessory is inaccessible? I played with taking different variables from "Get State of Home" and using logic, but nothing seems to work. Not even Power State logic works. 3. Strange weather. Has anyone noticed that weather information, especially high temperature, does not match the actual forecast that is supposed to use the same data set? For example, a shortcut to the weather forecast I created will give me a high forecast temperature, sometimes 20 degrees higher than what the actual forecast requires when checking different weather applications. All other information (low temperature, precipitation, UV index, etc.) seems to be correct. I don't change any of the past information and just take the variable directly from the action. 4. Is someone else's Home and / or Shortcuts blocked when testing? I've noticed that this only happens when I display the results as text. Throughout the process, I will set the result to be displayed as text so that I can see what the information transmitted by the variables looks like. Often, the app crashes when I run it until I'm on the fifth or sixth attempt, that is, when it stops. If I remove the displayed results as a text action and cause Siri to say the results, it doesn't crash. I'm sorry if any of these have been asked here before. I searched and didn't find much.

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