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Mesh network recommendations

Mesh network recommendations

Look for recommendations for wifi mesh network hardware ….

I currently have a cable modem (1gbit), but the wifi does not reach a large piece of apartment (due to a concrete wall and large metal door). I tried a TP-Link extender, but it was essentially useless. I connected my old AirPort Extreme and put it in my office, but it can’t be used in bridge mode for wifi unless it’s running from another AirPort device.

So I want to invest in a network that will connect directly to the modem / cable router in the lounge and then have an extension point (it can be wired) in the office to extend the wifi connection to all devices there and in the children’s bedroom.

Anyone use a network (Google wifi, Ubiquity, Eero, Blind, etc.) and can recommend one to do my job? … Bonus points for anything that is compatible (or intended to be) HomeKit.

PS. based in Finland, so not all the usual hardware options are available to me.