Mockups imagine what changes on iOS 14 home screen will look like

Cupertino, March 13, 2020

As reported by 9to5Mac on Tuesday, iOS 14 indicates that Apple is working on changes to the iPhone's home screen, including a new list view.

Instead of the app icon grid, there will be a new page or a new mode so that users can look at their applications in a top-down scrolling list. Now, some passionate readers have made models on how this might look.

Apple has not traditionally changed the home screen on iOS. The application grid is tried and tested, familiar to users and dates back to the original iPhone.

However, Apple has slightly expanded the metaphor over the years, such as adding folders for iOS 4 applications and redesigning the "page zero" Spotlight screen to include Siri suggestions and widgets. In 2019, iPadOS 13 integrated the widget sidebar with the first home screen.

The changes expected to debut with iOS 14 are less a redesign and more an addition to what we already have. You can imagine a way to switch between views (similar to switching the list view on Apple Watch) or simply swiping to a new screen page, which contains the list view.

Parker Ortolani was mocked what that screen might look like in its renderings. A simple segmented control allows the user to switch from seeing all A-Z applications, to sorted applications after recent use and then only those with notifications that need attention. The Spotlight search field is ready to filter the list. Ortolani also viewed how folders could be displayed in the list, with the option to expand and view applications from within.

You can see how a homepage dedicated to applications with unread notifications could be very useful. 9to5Mac reported that the list view would combine a literate list of installed applications with Siri suggestions. You can see in Ortolani's model how the Workout application is recommended based on the current location, underlined with a darker background.

Another aspect of this design can be seen in the models, again inspired by the 9to5Mac report. In this release, it feels closer to the watchOS approach - with a permanent mode of switching to the top of the screen. Users can touch the list and grid icons to change the home screen to the respective layouts.

iSpazio envisioned how Apple can make the list item for each application more useful by providing a brief description for each article about why the user should open it. For example, the Messages app is labeled "2 new read messages", the Calendar app shows the next event from line to line, and the Photos app asks the user to open it and look at the significant moments. These features could be activated through iOS 14 extensions to the Siri Suggestions and Notifications APIs.

This week, 9to5Mac got the iOS 14 internal source code and reported a plethora of developing features at Apple, from environmental noise alerts to a new wallpaper experience, new HomeKit features, including Night Shift for Smart Lights, a new augmented reality app and more. Ortolani has mocked many of these features in this Twitter thread if you want to understand how these iOS 14 features might work.

iOS 14 is expected to be announced in June, along with previews of other major Apple software operating systems, such as watchOS 7 and macOS 10.16. This would usually happen on the main WWDC stage.

However, because of the coronavirus outbreak, meetings and conferences have been canceled across the industry, and Apple is not expected to have a physical WWDC this year - though the company has not yet confirmed the plans. We would expect a small-scale event, only in the media, in June, to announce new operating systems, such as iOS 14, with WWDC developer sessions simply broadcast live online.

Check back soon to 9to5Mac for more iOS 14 updates!

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