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Motion sensor frustrations

Motion sensor frustrations

I’m getting more and more frustrated with motion sensors within HomeKit. I remember reading something about the issues being a hardware one, but not convinced.

I have, for example a motion sensor in my bathroom. I have various scenes for the time of day but for this discussions sake let’s look at the daytime motion sensor.
I currently have a motion action that turns on the overhead lights when motion is detected. It turns them off when no motion is detected. This means that if I’m have a good ‘read’ it’ll go dark. Or if my wife sits still too long in the bath it’ll go dark.
I’ve tried various versions, including timers etc but all result in the same.
I would have assumed that if I started a motion action with a 5 minute timer that EACH new motion after that would restart the timer. This doesn’t appear to be the case… anyone else? Motion sensor is aqara, lights in the bathroom are tradfri.

I have another setup in my office at the end of the garden. Motion sensor here is IKEA tradfri; but I’ve also tried it with the exposed motion sensor from the ring camera.
I have a door sensor here also (aqara) so I could try to set up a ‘door opens, motion sensed, turn light on – keep on until door opened again and no motion’ but that is beyond what I can think about in linear, and surely if my wife bought me down a cup of tea the lights would go off…

Anyone got any brilliant solutions? Shortcuts, automations, scenes – that may help?

Please share your setups.