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Motorized shades HomeKit at the Shadow Store

Motorized shades HomeKit at the Shadow Store

Motorized shades HomeKit at the Shadow Store

TLDR: ** Shade store roller umbrellas + their V2 hub allows ** native HomeKit roller umbrellas ** to work. I hadn’t heard or read about HomeKit’s integration with TSS until I dug a little and wanted to share my experience with anyone looking at aesthetic and functional options beyond Serena. They have clean, simple and numerous options for covering windows beyond the shades of rollers. Note: TSS has no budget prices and is according to Serena with several options. (and I don’t work for them or anything) [](Https://

They recently moved and we needed new windows in front of the house. If Smith & Noble had motorized the shades in the past before the Lutron Serena shades took off (and before I was fully in a smart home). I liked them, but the batteries had to be changed twice a year with regular use. And there was no connectivity to a phone – just a remote control.

We looked at Serena and all the wonderful reviews, although there was no full measurement and installation service available in my area. That was a go-go. And after a few emails, they didn’t make it easy for me to take my money!

I really liked the aesthetics of ** The Shade Store ** (** TSS **) for a while and dropped by the local store to check them out. They have a new partnership with Lutron, which interested me, BUT I also found out that ** their standard TSS motorized shades have a hub available for purchase that connects the shades to the HomeKit. **

The roller shades have the motor and the rechargeable battery hidden INSIDE the roller shade, making them look like a normal shade with non-motorized rollers. The Smith & Noble roller shades I had used a separate package of thin batteries that had to be mounted behind the shadows in the window. And Serena looks like she has a bulky area of ​​the battery that you can hide with a valance.

With TSS motorized shades, you don’t need a cloak if you want a simple and clean look. We doubled down in the bedroom by putting shades of opaque rollers close to the window and shades of transparent rollers inside, giving us flexibility for diffused light, diffused light or a full view of the window. A blanket was added to hide the double roll.

The professional installation was easy – the crew of 2 people entered and left in about 2.5 hours for 8 shadow roller installations on 6 windows (doubled in the bedroom), including the configuration of the remote control.

Setting up the hub with the TSS application was simple, following the step-by-step instructions for entering the HomeKit, and connecting each shade was very easy with the remote controls – which automatically brought them into the HomeKit. After reading the reviews in the App Store for the TSS app, I was a little nervous that it works well, but my HomeKit setup went very smoothly.

You set up automations for raising and lowering shadows at sunrise / sunset and it worked flawlessly for the 4 days they were installed (I know, only 4 days passed.) Able to use the supplied remote control, Siri, Home application. or the TSS application. And they are quieter compared to the Smith & Noble motorized shades in the previous house.

As for the price, they weren’t cheap – these were the bigger windows: the 100 “W and 53” long living room window was about $ 1400, and the 125 “W and 65 # long living room window was about $ 2,000, including a 15% discount on the promotion they had, the installation was an additional fee.The quality and aesthetics felt right for the price for me.

So far, so good and I would recommend them to anyone looking at the native HomeKit with a nice clean look.

A few photos: