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Moving AppleTV from wireless to wired

Do you have any suggestions for moving AppleTV 4th generation 4K from wireless to cable without losing devices?

I have * many * shades of devices, Leviton Aqara, August Connect, Logitech 2 circle and seem to lose a few along the way.

O All devices have dhcp reservation, so they all receive the same IP address when they start

Oh, all firmware is the latest.

O All 2.4 ghz devices are connected to their own dedicated 2.4 access points.

A backbone of the network is the router that assigns ips

A general network is Orbit running in access point mode, chain-linked Ethernet backhaul.

An Apple TV is located between the main access point in orbit and the first satellite

An AppleTV is configured as the only HomeKit hub

Should I close all devices on all my devices except the main router with dhcp reservation and change the MAC address of the AppleTV reservation from the wireless MAC address to the wired MAC address so that it keeps the same IP and triggers things?

Is there a better way?
Does Apple do anything with the MAC address?