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Multiple Lutron RA2 Select Main repeaters or other systems


Next year, I will start building a new house and I would like to be able to control as much as possible through HomeKit. One of the biggest problems is the lack of physical wall switches to control the lights and blinds / curtains. I know that several companies offer switches, but it seems that Lutron is the only one that makes switches for several purposes in a coherent design. Therefore, I am thinking of installing Lutron RA2 for the whole house. However, the limit of 100 devices concerns me a little. If I have multiple light sources, switches and blinds / curtain – 100 devices does not sound enough. I may not need 100 devices at first, but I would like to build a system that is proof for the future.

I read that you may have several Lutron RA2 main repeaters, but then I need more Lutron accounts in the app. Conformable [SpivR on Lutron Support Community]( Apple HomeKit has no problem running multiple RA2 main repeaters. Can anyone confirm this? I don’t really care about the Lutron app because I want to control everything via HomeKit anyway.

Is there any other alternative to Lutron in Europe? I love [Aqara S1]( switch combined with [H1 Pro](, but they are only available in China. My main goal is to be able to control the lights and blinds / curtains activated for HomeKit with physical switches that have a consistent design.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.