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Multiple Scenes – Hue Shade Switch

Multiple Scenes – Hue Shade Switch

I played with my recent house because of the blockage.

I just had to add a second shade deck, as I recently added to many devices – thanks Hue plugs for fans.

With this, I encountered the problem of accidentally adding one of my new dimmer switches to the wrong bridge – eliminating the ability to set it in a room and go through the various scenes at the push of a button 1.

So, playing with Controller, I created three scenes – red, blue and green and then with a few conditions;

* Automation One – If the desk light is off -> set the red scene
* Automation Two – If the shade of the desk light = red -> set the scene blue
* Three automations – If the office light shade = blue -> set the scene green
* Automation Four – If the light shade of the desk = green -> set the Red Scene

Basically, it simply goes through different scenes – as is currently the case in Hue.

You can add more or less, just make sure you remember the blog settings from the previous scene.

If you use the same color and just adjust the brightness, add this condition as well.
Videos and photos that show it works – alongside to see if they can fix the opacity.

I thought this might be of interest.

[The four automations](Https://

[From Green to Red](Https://

[Blue to Green](Https://

[Red to Blue](Https://

[First time on to Red](Https://

[No hue configuration](Https://