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My 5 tips for Homekit

My 5 tips for Homekit

Just a few tips from my search for the perfect HomeKit reliability, WiFi and the ravages it can bring.

Number 1: Don’t change the WiFi name for fun, it works ok for HomePods, but Logitech circles and Aqara hubs need to be configured from scratch.

Number 2: If you are a UniFi user, do not configure the network function if you only have one access point, in addition to the fact that it does not make sense, will set everything HomeKit in an offline access point.

Number 3: Remember to enable multicast on your router, make HomeKit much faster and more reliable. We have repaired several sites and you suspect that it is the culprit of the headaches of many users with HomeKit.

Number 4: If you can’t add a household member to manage your home, contact Apple. Don’t reset everything. They have magic switches that they push and everything works. The old pseudonyms are the main suspects here.

Number 5: I found disabling AppleTVs as home hubs and using HomePods to be more reliable. I look forward to Thread support everywhere!

Number 6: If you have many systems and hubs, consider something like Homebridge to reduce complexity, it is very easy to configure with the new official image. HomeKit support for an older LG OLED TV is great.