My HomeKit apartment finally feels complete!

Cupertino, October 21, 2020

I just got a few Aqara devices and my apartment finally feels complete after many years of adding/removing devices.

Here’s my current setup (feel free to make suggestions if you think anything else should be done/added!)

- 1 Phillips Hue white bulb in ceiling fixture, set to turn on after anyone arrives home at night and turn off after 10 minutes.

- 1 Phillips Hue white bulb in ceiling fixture.
- Aqara hub with security enabled set to disable when anyone arrives home, enables when anyone leaves home.
- Aqara water leak sensor under the sink.
- Onelink smoke/CO detector.
- Eufy indoor camera.

- 3 Phillips Hue white bulbs - 2 in hallway, 1 in pantry.
- 1 Phillips hue motion sensor set to turn on the 2 hallway bulbs when motion is detected at night and turn off after 1 minute. Sensor also acts as temperature sensor.
- 1 Aqara door/window sensor on the pantry door set to turn on the pantry Hue bulb when the door opens and turn off when the door closes.
- 1 Nest thermostat - not HomeKit and not using Homebridge... just wanted to share because I don’t have a C wire in my apartment which means no thermostats will work with HomeKit 🙁

- 1 Eero router.
- 2 Phillips Hue color bulbs, 1 white bulb - 1 color in lamp, 1 color in ceiling fixture, 1 white in closet.
- 1 Aqara door/window sensor on closet door set to turn on closet bulb when open and turn off when closed.
- 1 Apple TV 4K.
- 2 Wemo smart plugs - 1 attached to blue string lights going around the room, 1 going to a fan.
- 3 Sonos speakers - 1 Beam for TV sound bar, 2 Play:1’s for surround sound, all with AirPlay.
- 1 GE Air Conditioner with temperature sensor built in for room.
- 1 Eufy indoor pan and tilt cam, set to disable when home.

*Living Room*
- 1 Phillips Hue color bulb in lamp.
- 1 Wemo smart plug for fan.

- 1 Sonos One, with AirPlay.

*Server Room*
- 1 Eero router.
- 1 Eufy indoor cam.

- 1 Eero router.

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