My light turns on / off by itself

Cupertino, April 1, 2020

So I bought a HomeKit light about a year ago, it was "SYLVANIA General Lighting 74579 Smart + A19 LED Lamp" if you ask me. But recently, maybe, 3-4 months during the day, my light was Diming and Undiming at random, I thought he was my father with me, but I asked him and he claimed it was not him, but just to be sure that removed his access to light, nothing has changed. It really didn't bother me that much because I only happened once a week. But I'm starting to worry. It happened this evening at about 2 in the morning (when I posted this) I was just watching Netflix and my light was on. It was 0, all of a sudden became 49%. What do I want to know is common with HomeKit, such as a slight code error right now or is there something I need to look at more?

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