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My location doesn’t work for my wife and HomeKit

My location doesn’t work for my wife and HomeKit

Hey guys, so I had trouble photographing my Eufy indoor cameras and HomeKit doesn’t work properly. We only had to record everything when we were gone. So I changed it to always record and it solved the problems.

It has an iPhone 11, a series of 3 watches and a seventh generation iPad. My Location settings only show her listed iPhone, both on iPad and iPhone. So I’m lost because this still doesn’t work properly.

In all honesty, I could be too, but I think it’s her (lol). I have an iPhone 11 Pro max, a 6 series watch and an older MacBook Air. However, my location shows iPhone and watch. So, I don’t know how to solve this problem without going any further. I wish I could only record when I was gone, but I still don’t go.

I guess I should bring her in tomorrow and see if she changes anything when we leave the house.