My theory about HKSV cam going offline

Cupertino, November 7, 2020

I’ve posted previously of my problems with my Eve Cam going offline periodically. I opened a case with Eve and their only suggestion has been to disable my iPad hub and only rely on my 2 ATVs. That did not work. I have been trying to figure this out further and now have a theory but will need more smarter folks to assist.

I have an exclusive Eero wireless network attached to an Edgerouter X that is my primary router. The Eero’s are bridged to it.

My DHCP lease on my ERX is 6 hours. So my devices try to renew every 3. My wifi devices are attached to one of 6 Eero Pros. Here is where I start getting lost.

Do my Wifi devices get their lease via the ERX (6 hours)?

I continue. My Eeros offer both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. But Eve Cam only works on 2.4. Could the issue be that the Eve tries to renew its lease and the Eeros first offer 5 GHz which fails over to 2.4 and during that lag, the Eve Cam drops its communications causing the “Camera offline”?

Any thoughts on this? Am I off base?

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